Parent Life Hacks

The Ultimate Stain Remover

Did you mess up and…gasp!…let a stain dry into a garment??? Has it become impossible to remove? Have you tried multiple stain removers with no success? Well, there’s still hope, according to the Pinterest Mom community!

The solution consists of three household items:

  • 2 parts Hydrogen Peroxide
  • 1 part Dawn Dishsoap
  • 1 part Baking Soda

Just pour the mixture over the stain, brush it in, and let it sit for about an hour before running it through the washer. That’s it…say, “Bye, Falicia” to that pesky stain!


Use Hanging Shoe Organizers… for Everything!

This little gadget is super helpful and most of us have these hanging in our closet or stuffed in a drawer somewhere….a shoe organizer! But just because it’s called a “shoe organizer,” doesn’t mean it can’t be used for just about everything else related to kids: swaddles, toys, onesies, toys, games, etc. Have empty shoe boxes at home? Fill each with things like markers, Legos, little puzzles, colored paper, toy figurines, etc. and put each shoe box in a different compartment on the organizer. Depending on your the age(s) of your kiddo(s), consider putting items like markers or games with small parts on the top rungs so they are inaccessible to little ones without adult assistance. You can also use these in the bathroom to store/organize small towels, bath toys, diapers, wipes, etc! The possibilites are endless and can even turn into a fun game for your little one to help with putting things away. If you have some clever ways that you’ve used your hanging shoe organizer, we want to hear them!! Click the link below to see some other fun ways to stay organized with this handy gizmo. 🙂


Popsicle Drip Catcher

Summer is just around the corner! Here is ne of our personal favorites to kick off the warm weather season approaching! It’s so simple but so genius at the same time! Hot weather and a frozen treats dont necessarily go together. However, with this simple trick, we can all keep our hands and fingers clean and not sticky! All you have to do is thread a cupcake liner through the bottom of the popsickle stick to create a a catcher at the bottom of the popsicle that will hold all of the liquids dripping from your treat!


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